Power: 90 HP at 8500 rpm, 78 Nm at 5600 rpm, 725 cc

8.291,00 €


Piston dia 105,5mm, 12,5:1, complete 465,00€
Cylinder dia 105,5mm "TEAM PAMI" 1085,00€
Bore increasment (engine case) for the new cylinder 80,00€
Cylinderhead porting, valve seat maching, manifold fitting 760,00€
Dual manifold,  aluminium,  (a=68mm) 160,00€
Inlet valve seat ring replacement (2ea) 160,00€
Inlet valve dia 40mm (2ea), Exhaust valve dia 34mm (2ea) 348,00€
Valve guide, bronce (4ea) 108,00€
Valve stem seal  (4ea) 32,00€
Race bucket dia 33,5mm, (4ea) 224,00€
Shim for "shim under", (4ea - dif. heights) 48,00€
Valve spring kit, titanium retainers, steel bottom washers, complete 235,00€
Squish machining in the cylinderhead 55,00€
Race cam set (Pami IN / Pami EX) 595,00€
Cam timing adjustment, repining 158,00€
Oil groove machining in the right crank main bearing, with special bearing 134,00€
Oil pump kit, primary 90,00€
Oil pump kit, secundary 130,00€
Oil pressure valve 21,00€
Bigend pin, reinforced 198,00€
Conrod, type Carrillo, steel 494,00€
Crankshaft lightening 100,00€
Balance shaft lightening 120,00€
Crankshaft assembly 78,00€
Oil guiding plate 70,00€
Cam chain tensioner kit, complete 41,00€
Oil jet + boring 22,00€
Valve cover washers (6ea) 21,00€
removing of the refdrive, sealing of the bore 15,00€
groove machining in the main gearbox shaft 20,00€
Dual carb kit dia 38mm, a=68mm, complete with rubber manifolds and clamps, 865,00€
2x carbon stacks, short and long 180,00€
Clutch spring set, reinforced 47,00€
Staybolt kit, complete 75,00€
Cylinderhead gasket,  1,0mmxMLS 92,00€
Cylinder base gasket, aluminium 48,00€
Gasket set for the engine case 37,00€
Engine disassembly 130,00€

 This offer is without any ignition parts !!!!

Engine assembly, complete   750,00€  


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Price: 8.291,00 €