Power: 56HP at 7200rpm, 60Nm at 5300rpm, 650cc

1.912,00 €
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Piston, stock bore, forged, 12:1 compression rate, stock ring set is used 340,00€
Squish machining in the cylinderhead 55,00€
Carburator kit, dia 45mm, complete 640,00€
Clutch spring set, reinforced  47,00€
Cylinderhead gasket, 1,0mm x MLS 92,00€
Cylinder base gasket 12,00€
Clutch cover gasket 14,00€
Oil jet 22,00€
Valve cover washer, 6 ea 21,00€
K&N air filter, mounted direct on the carb ask for price
Cam chain tensioner kit 41,00€
Ignition box, modified, without reflimiter 330,00€
Engine disassembly, partly 100,00€
Engine assembly 200,00€

 Delivery: around 5 working days

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Price: 1.912,00 €