About Us

To start the 1994 season TEAM PAMI presented the first ‘Supermono’-racing motorcycle with the newly developed BMW F 650 engine. It turned out to be the basis of an outstanding success in the following years. Nevertheless, activities with the YAMAHA SR engine were further developed; several engines were prepared for English, American, Japanese and German racing teams. In Japan PAMI – SR’s dominate the two-valve-Class and the largest share of our performance-components are sold to Japan.

Since 1980 we have offered improvements in performance for YAMAHA SR engines – our range includes longer stroke/stroked, larger displacements up to complete engines, not available are reconstruction of whole vehicles and motorcycles for legal road purpose.

To start the 2000 season we have added to our range of products:

  • tuning/service of BMW F 650 rally-engines/Team Schalber/BMW Motorcycle Team Enduro
  • tuning of KTM supermoto-engines
  • engines for moto-cross and cross-country/”Enduro” – sidecars (on the basis of the BMW F 650)

further available:

pistons, cylinders, crankpins, special gaskets, cylinder head – tuning for YAMAHA SR / XT 500.

Contact person for TEAM PAMI is Gottfried Michels. His company INGENIEURBÜRO MICHELS offers TEAM PAMI’s – components and services. Some countries, e.g. England, Sweden, Japan, USA already have business partners.
Since 1995 another area of operation for the BMW F 650 engine is the BIMOTA BB 1.

This motorcycle which is called by many “Super-single”, “Supermono” or a “Gigamono”, is dividing the experts; on the one hand perfect CNC-processing and solutions to problems in special details on the other hand gross flaws in construction (chain-line, angle of the engine, etc.) and installation error the BB1 is available as a Monoposto or as Biposto.

The company BOMBARDIER  in 1999 marketed in America a quad (DS 650)  with the BMW/ Rotax F 650 engine. All of the tuning articles/parts offered by TEAM PAMI are compatible with this vehicle.

As engine-delivery-agents the following companies work in cooperation with us: 

  • HARRIS (England)
  • ROSS OIL Corp. (USA)
  • GRC (England / New Zealand)
  • BMW (Germany) – engines for the “Rally Paris-Dakar”
  • CRS Motocycles (Italy)
  • Peter FRIEDLI (Switzerland)
  • BIMOTA (Italy)