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Legal references
non-liability - reference/on the left of, contentwise correctness, copyright, legal force
TEAM - PAMI points out here expressly that all direct lead on the left of the Website to external offerers, as soon as the framework of the Website will leave and a new Browserfenster opens. For contents of these sides the respective authors are responsible; TEAM - PAMI does not take responsibility for the correctness, completeness and topicality of contents and/or for the legal standard or the fulfilment of copyright regulations of the linked sides. Also TEAM does not make itself - PAMI these contents own. This restriction applies equally to foreign contributions and indirect of references. The copyright of all of these Website through on the left of attainable sides is to responsible persons for these InterNet sides in each case with that. If a left should be legal due to legal regulations not or no longer or if the owner of a linked InterNet side wishes a removing of the on the left of on the same, then this is removed left on announcement of the holder of a right.
All on these Website product designations, product names, marks and Logos specified is property of the respective holders of a right.
The made available information on these Website was examined carefully and is regularly updated. TEAM - PAMI takes over however no guarantee for the topicality, completeness, the correctness and quality of these information. TEAM - PAMI reserves itself without reservation to change parts of the made available information or the entire offer without separate announcement occasionally or durably to supplement or remove.
Liability claims against TEAM - PAMI, which refer to damage of material or immaterial kind, which was caused by the use or not use of the made available information, are in principle impossible.
TEAM - PAMI dissociates itself hereby expressly from all contents of all InterNet sides, which can be achieved by means of a left of our Website out. This non-liability is a component of the InterNet offer of TEAM - PAMI.
If parts or individual formulations should correspond to the valid right not or no longer, then the remaining parts of this document apply unaffected by it.