Cylinderhead "Titanium"

5.366,00 €


Cylinderhead BMW F650, new 900,00€
Berrilium valve seat ring machining and installation, 4ea 420,00€
Cylinderhead porting, seat machining, checking and machining of clearances 860,00€
Valve guide, bronce (4ea) 108,00€
Squish machining 80,00€
Titanium inlet valve dia 40mm (2ea) 380,00€
Titanium exhaust valve dia 34mm (2ea) 360,00€
Valve stem seal (4ea) 28,00€
Manifold, aluminium, middle-middle =68mm 160,00€
Manifold machining, exact fitt to the head 120,00€
Valve spring kit, version "titanium", complete 250,00€
Race bucket, (4ea) 224,00€
inlet cam, steel, light (270 degree/13,0 lift) 320,00€
exhaust cam, steel, light (268/12,7) 320,00€
Camshaft bridge, modified 110,00€
Shims, dif. heights (4ea) 48,00€
camshaft timing adjustment, repining 158,00€
valve cover, modified 120,00€
Cylinderhead assembly, complete, all clearances are checked, ready to install 400,00€

 Delivery: 20 working days

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Price: 5.366,00 €